fredag 27. august 2010

Trip to Netherlands and Abunaicon 2010! - First day at Abunaicon!

Ok, me said it is the first day, but pictures and stuff will come later on. Been one hell of a CRAZY day! Me just got checked into my hotelroom due to a mix-up somewhere, but those things can happen. Other than that, the convention has been a great success so far nonetheless! The opening show was quite ok, but it could've been better. The gamesroom got HEAPS of games! Me saw the obvious one's; Steret Fighter IV + Super, Tekken 6, Blazblue and even some coold and old classics like Contra (SNES), Mario Kart, Killer Instinct (SNES), Golden Eye 64, Touhou-games (yep, even the fighting game!) and some other games! The convention/hotel place is HUGE and there are HEAPS of events to attend to as well! The convention is actually in the same building as the hotel, so that's quite handy and nice. Another awesome thing was the queue on the opening! Bloody HELL it went QUICKLY! About 1000 people were inside no time! The check-in went quickly, even the payment check-in went quicker than me've seen on other conventions. The food me doesn't know yet as me haven't eaten YET.... Abunaicon is GREATLY organized, me reckons! Definitely a success that, to be honest.

The trip yesterday ended at 00:25, so it me about 15-16 hours to get to Charlotte's place.

Due to full memory and lack of time, me will be posting pictures and videos at the end of tonight (around 2-3:00AM).

Now, me's off to grab something to OMNOMNOM, because NOW, me be HUNGRY! And not just after cookies...............

So yeah, more to come later!

torsdag 26. august 2010

Trip to Netherlands and Abunaicon 2010! - Waiting in Oslo...

At last in Oslo...

After some good 3-hours sleep on the trip from Karasjok (my old home) to Alta, me arrived to Alta about 12:00 and went straight to the airport. The trip from Alta to Oslo went well too since me managed to fall into omnommnom-sleep before takeoff and slept for another 2 hours. Why me are rambling on about the sleeping-thingy? Well, last night me didn't sleep much. Had to finish some cleaning etc. before the trip, and things took a bit longer than me expected, so me slept for only 1 hour, so yup, me was quite so tired before the trip...

So yeah, now me are chillin' @ Oslo airport Gardermoen waiting for me flight to Amsterdam airport Schipol that departs 19:05. About 3 more hours to go...

Not much more to tell except that me will try to get another 2 hours sleep before the flight and then sleep there too, so me should be quite prepared for tomorrow's opening on Abunaicon 2010.

Oh, the queues both for check-in and especially for security = MASSIVE! Took me a good 40 minutes to get myself into the International-section, but me had no worries since me got plenty of time. It was also quite interesting to see how the security reacted once my Shookie-head went through the scan. "What is that thing?" - "No idea... looks like...a blue head.." <insert derp-face here> - That's what they said. Other than that, nothing interesting to tell, really.

When/if me will be @ Schipol, me have arranged a meeting with some awesome-coolio dutch friends where me will be staying tonight. But, there's a "catch"; me have to meet them half-way. So yeah, me will take train from Schipol, switch trains, switch again(?) and then me will meet them. So, no worries.... me hopes.

Me will probably add some more blogg-stuff once me have settled in Netherlands, probably even upload the video(s) me have recorded up until then as well...

More to come!

Me will post some stuff on facebook as well:


onsdag 25. august 2010

Trip to Netherlands and Abunaicon! Part 1!

Alrite, I am off to Netherlands to be a part of Abunaicon 2010!

Starting a 3-hour trip from Karasjok (Finnmark, Norway) now, 09:00 26th of August! Destination: Alta airport and then Oslo airport Gardermoen @ 13:00!

More blog-stuff later!